2010 in review

Because I am such a newbie at this blog stuff, and have been mightily distracted by various things both awesome and awful since putting up this site, I had no idea til a few days ago that anyone was visiting this site beyond a few I asked to visit.  Imagine my delighted surprise to receive the ‘yearly site stats’ posted to me by the good folks who run wordpress!  Since then I’ve figured out how to view site stats whenever I want to–lots to learn here still, but at least that is one more thing learned.   Anyway, just to brag a little, I’m publishing the year-end report.  I mean, who knew I was worthy of so much traffic!  Nevermind that a trollish snark forum (‘unnamed deatheaters’, below) –an invitation-only forum that I have not yet had the dubious pleasure to view personally–has been the source of the most referrals to my blog, I’m just so happy to know that people are listening to me!  Amazing, wonderful, so very cool.   

For a little more update, do view my recent post on the Rants! page.  Scroll down til you see the heading “Trolls!”…I had loads of fun with that, and I hope visitors enjoy it.   Can I just say that I learned all I know about snark from those who persistently and patiently have thrown it at me in various places lately?  Hehehehe…well, it IS on the Rants page…we all need a place to let the Dark Side out a little to play.  Besides, sometimes what is ‘true’ is not also ‘bright’; sometimes the truth is painful and wears a dark cloak–and I hope to be brave enough to speak even the darker truths about this life, even if my primary intent is shining a light.

You can also visit the Feedback page, located under the About tab, for fresh feedback on my work.  Deepest appreciation for your appreciation, womyn!  It was a very hard year, and your glowing feedback is a drink of water in the desert, a breath of fresh air where murky smoke tended to make breathing more difficult than usual in 2010;  it’s a badly needed warm hug and a toast to better times for us all (and I know 2010 was not so kind to many of us).  Thanks so much. 

My intention for 2011 is to post here more often, along with communicating in other places where my thoughts might be useful–and where I will continue to learn more about my topics-of-greatest passion (including communication).  Do visit–and if you do, please let me know you did.  Post a comment, or just a hello, I will appreciate it.  Of course, now that I know how to access my site stats, which tell me where my visitors were referred from, I will also appreciate knowing that even those who don’t care to talk to me, are still reading me.  What’s that they say?  “No such thing as Bad Press”.  Anyway, thanks for being here, and I look forward to a good year here now that I’ve got  my feet wet and have begun to feel my way better.  Below are my yearly stats as presented by wordpress.

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2010. That’s about 4 full 747s.

In 2010, there was 1 new post, not terrible for the first year! There were 2 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 4mb.

The busiest day of the year was December 22nd with 232 views. The most popular post that day was About.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were ‘unamed deatheaters’, mothering.com, unassistedchildbirth.com, mail.yahoo.com, and facebook.com.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for womynwise services, womynwise, womynwise1, womynwise s, and conclusion of home birth.

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Welcome to WomynWise Speaks…come on in, let’s talk

Warm Greetings to you, warmest of welcomes to this space where I speak my heart and invite you to speak your own.  My wish is to discuss topics on empowered birth, babies, breastfeeding, wellness, healing and natural family living.  I’m energized and so hopeful in creating this space where journeys are beginning or already underway, along sometimes-wild paths to wholeness, confidence, renewed vision and refreshed spirits as we travel. 

I have given birth 6 times: 5 times at home, 3 of those births unassisted by a birth professional, and once by cesarean.  Through my births I experienced the further opening of my heart and my deepening sense of the power that can move through me, to more responsively serve my children, myself and our world.  My powerful, self-chosen experiences of birth helped make me a protective mama-bear, gave me a hunger  to learn how to nurture and heal my children, and brought me an enduring commitment to my kids even when life—and parenting—is not so much fun.  I have witnessed this too, in being with other families during their empowered births; they speak of that same heart expansion and the deepening of their power, joy and responsibility.  I have seen how this helps them to become lovingly-attached, responsive parents and more engaged citizens in their world.  People who have powerful, positive birth experiences most often emerge feeling more whole and more able; they are changed, they have grown—as we must, to become good-enough parents.  And I have sadly seen families torn to the heart by the cold and even cruelly imposed control over their minds and bodies during managed birth.  I have seen women feeling despair following traumatic birth—at times even following ‘normal birth’ in a managed setting.  They may carry enormous burdens in entering, or expanding, their family-making: feeling not more whole and able after birth—but somehow broken and even powerless.

Being a good-enough parent requires a lot of heart, strength, knowledge, and humility as well as confidence in one’s ability to nurture, guide, and protect children.  Empowered birth first supports our immediate, secure attachment with our babies–the bonding they need to survive, and we need to grow into parenting.  Empowered birth also nurtures our trust in the natural design of our bodies, and our innate ability to work with that design toward safe birth and good health; it can promote our trust in becoming loving and wise-enough authorities in our children’s lives.  That empowerment and trust are naturally-supported elements inherent to our biochemical and psychological natures as a species, and are essential to creating happier, healthier children, families– and nations.  It helps initiate them into parenthood (or into their next stage of family-making) in ways that birth’s design is uniquely able to serve: into a deeper sense of personal power and self-responsibility, a greater capacity to love and respond, an enhanced sense of wholeness and being able, that can serve joy and the energy needed for raising kids. 

I’m passionate about homebirth, and natural birth in any setting: while we may never fully understand birth’s complexities, we know enough now to have strong reasons to deeply respect its design–and to have great caution about interfering with it.  Even more, I’m passionate about women’s and families’ right to choose– to freely choose, in full knowledge and naturally holding decision-making power.  I have experienced and witnessed the dawning of love and deepening of personal power that can result from empowered birth–in various settings according to women’s own preferences, and in each family’s chosen terms.  Potentially, any setting is where a woman is able to create the best support for her unique work; where a family can enact self-empowered choice, and cultivate providers’ respect for the family’s authority in their own care.  Whatever the variables birth brings us, what remains constant is this:  in women finding support in their own terms, and in families being able to rely upon respect for their authority in decision-making, empowered births can happen—and able, confident-enough parents receive gifts that help them carry on well with family-making.

In support of healthy, empowered birth, accomplished through families’ informed choices; toward lovingly attached, confident- and wise-enough parents; to grow happier, healthier families and nations…this is why I am here.  “Peace on Earth Begins with Birth”: when we women fully honor ourselves and our sacred work of babymaking, and when we families claim our inalienable right as the first authority in our care, we can make wise choices and receive respect from care providers as well.  From this beginning, babies can be born and greeted with a peace that flows onward through their lives.  This cannot be given to us by others, we must choose to create it for ourselves.  I am womynwise, and invite your womynwise, family-wise selves to join me in this act of creation.