About me…that’s tough question to answer!  Is there something you’d like to know in particular?


According to some, I am ‘an agent of the forces that disrupt the status quo’, someone who ‘stirs things up’ when some would prefer the status quo to remain safely settled.  I act like I have a right to exist and to speak up, when some others want the power to decide who gets to freely exist, who gets to speak–and who does not.   According to some, I am ‘disturbing’, and according to others I am ‘inspiring’.  Just who says which seems to depend on whether it’s a person who prefers the seemingly safe status quo and their own chosen dominant or submissive place in it–or instead, one who seeks freedom, empowerment, and a voice of their own among all others.  According to some, I am just ‘selfish and overly competitive’, and in the eyes of others I am the most selfless, loving and nurturing of mothers, friends, midwives, counselor and healers who does not compete in this world nearly as avidly as I should for my own and children’s good, considering the merit of what I offer (in their opinion though seldom in my own). 

I am definitely a social critic, born and raised.  I am a feminist rhetoritician, and that means I embrace and support empowerment of all: I seek to point out where power is misappropriated and abused in human relationships and human institutions, I hope to inspire others to know and enact their own power to live, love, be.  I’m an egalitarian by nature, finding it impossible to put anyone above or below me in essential status–and those who seek dominance, or who have socially given ‘authority’, tend to be really uncomfortable with my attitude!  I’ve been told I have ‘a problem with authority’, but I say, presumed authorities generally have a big problem with me.  It is apparently not enough that I should respect all beings, simply as God’s children just like all others–equally loved and important.   Such dominators might bring all the wiles of domination against me, try to shame or silence me, even lock me up for my offenses (and it’s been done), but no one has ever been able to shake my conviction that we are all equal under the sun, nor force me to grant any more or less respect or courtesy than I believe is owed to me, and to all.

And I’m a total simpleton, believing that our first concerns should be feeding all the children and being loving, wise stewards of this Creation.  Politics leaves me cold, except when it prompts my outrage at human self-glorification, all its deceptions and over-complexified thinking–when so many children simply need feeding and this planet is so woefully in need of our loving, wise stewardship.  Because my outrage is easier to prompt as time goes on and humans rush ever faster to hell in a handcart, I tend not to read the evening news or participate in political process except for occasional commentaries/rants.

I am a ‘nature worshipper’, which means that I love and respect this Divinely Created Creation, find God, solace, guidance, healing and inspiration far more readily in this Divine Creation than I do in any thing or institution, medicine or entertainment created by humankind.  It also means that I love to garden and walk in the forest, swim in wild water and see long vistas–and in those settings I find the Divine within and all around me, so easily–in nature is where I prefer to worship,  or in the presence of natural miracles like unhindered births.  It means that I get along well with young kids and plants/animals both domesticated and wild, because we understand each other so easily, heart to heart.  I get along with them, far better than I do with grownups and their agendas, their politics, their overly sophisticated thinking and their fascination with human creations that tend to be destructive of Divine Creation and so obscuring of their own Divine Nature. 

For me, the ‘7 Wonders of the World’ are all found in Creation and nothing humankind has ever made comes anywhere near prompting my ‘wonder’.   For me, seeing a ‘great cathedral’ or gigantic dam prompts sad thoughts of the slaves who were used and used up in the creation of those supposed ‘wonders’.  They make me ponder the vast amount of resources and wealth used for these things, all the while that so many people went hungry, homeless, hurting, all in the name of human pride and ambition to be as gods.  I totally hate ‘amusement parks’ and the like…can we just say– “are you trying hard enough to find a thrill yet???”  In this way I’m just no fun at all compared to the average American.

I am a Christian Feminist, and that means I see equal power and divinity in women and men, and equal value in all life forms.  It means I recognize that the One God is both female and male and really,  far beyond any sex or gender associations of merely human origin.  It means that ‘God’, in any moment, can be spoken to, or speak to me at need, as Father, Mother, Sister, Companion, Creature, Plant, River, Rock, Storm or Sunset or anything at all.  It means that I take the life and death, words and example of Christ  deeply to heart, believing that love is truly all we need, all we are, all God is.  And it also means that I don’t understand churches and their selectively mixed doctrines and the fostering of exclusivity, intolerance and self-righteousness that Christ never demonstrated or preached to us.  I don’t understand it, but I do know that being near it hurts my heart, so I avoid churches as much as I do most other human-engineered institutions.  My home is my church, my work and family, community and life are my mission–ever evolving and improving, ever humbly offered to those who find some inspiration and love there.

I’m all about ‘home’, I’m a homebody: homebirth, home health and healing, homeschooling, home garden for food and beauty, home dancing, art making, praying and loving.  Home is where my heart is, but I’ve always had a hard time finding a place on this earth to truly call home and put down roots….probably because home and heart were always more important to me than money!  So I have made homes much as a nomad, trying to keep my heart whole and my children and friends well-loved, in spite of the many difficulties of poverty.

I’m a mother, grandmother, daughter of the Cold War Era and dreamer of apocalyptic dreams since the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred when I was 4 and just old enough to realize that crouching down with hands over head was no way to live through nuclear attack.  I’ve always thought I’d live through the coming ‘end of the world as we know it’, a bearer of simple skills to share with other survivors: song and dance, gardening and seed-saving, midwifery and natural healing, hunting and tracking, making what you need with what you’ve got around.  I say, bring it on!  Whatever deaths and disruptions may occur, the end result cannot be less joyful or healthy than the misery we are presently creating for the great majority of life forms right now…in my opinion, only by tearing it down can we have any hope of rebuilding on a more solid, life-respecting foundation.

I am a midwife, anarchist, metaphysician.  I am Maiden, Mother and Crone.  A seeker of knowledge of self and this creation–in particular the creation of our bodies and the processes of fertility, birth, baby raising.  A world-changer by natural bent though often I’d rather not be because it’s a hard gift to have!  And I am a communicator and communitarian, although also a loner in many ways–because I really, really like to think about stuff, and humans just tend to make so much noise all the time with their machines and industries and crowds.  And I really think this human world has gone stark raving mad, besotted with humanity’s supposed importance and our reckless destruction of each other and this planet–so I simply must be alone a lot, to make decisions of my own about how to live, and speak, and give, toward a saner more loving life for us all.

So…this is ‘about me’, in the words that came to me today, in the early morning hours of a day early in a new year.  Other words might come to me at other times.  Any questions?  Feel free to ask.


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