Feedback on WomynWise

This is where people get to talk about their experiences working with WomynWise Services.  Tell me and the world how you feel about WomynWise–what worked, what didn’t, anything that fits for you.  You can leave your feedback in the comment box below, and I will post them on this page.  To protect your privacy, please tell me how much of your name, location or contact info you are willing to have posted on this page.  Thanks!

“Almost every interaction I had with the medical establishment during my pregnancy was negative–I felt powerless and, as you said, diminished.  Conversely, my home birth experience (including all of our visits leading up to it) was empowering and strengthening and wonderful.  I keep trying to explain to people how amazing it was, but I find it difficult to put into words.”  —Heather from Bonne Terre, MO


“You always have time for the families” —Rachel from Arthur, IL


“I am so excited to see this website! I truly wish I had found you 13 years ago when I was pregnant with baby number one. I am thankful, though, for all the wonderful midwives and natural-minded doctors I’ve known that have helped me become the mother I am today. As I reflect on my fifth, and last, birth I will be forever grateful for the care you gave me. You were there for me every step of the way, through each decision I made, and especially for the emotional support you provided after the birth! That was probably the most incredible part of the care you offered. Never before have I had such amazing support as I dealt with postpartum issues and faced new life challenges. And I will always marvel at the way you slid in to catch baby, almost one handed, as she entered this world at a moment when I hadn’t given you much warning. You handled the whole thing with grace and calmness! Thank you for everything! You are an amazing woman. I have learned so much from you and I treasure your friendship. I look forward to visiting your site, ever learning and hoping to become more WomynWise! Peace!”
Megan, from Calvert City, KY


Love the home visits, flexibility, personal attention, information, having options for…care” Jeannine, from Cobden, IL


I appreciated your innate trust of the process of birth and a woman’s body, your respect of privacy and autonomy”  Amanda from Poplar Bluff, MO


I like that you were more concerned with me and my perceptions than just the numbers (such as blood pressure)…I was reassured that you were right there if needed.  Monitoring was great, you were willing to check whenever needed.  K was comforted by your knowledge and expertise.  We are incredibly lucky to have your services available.  I am incredibly proud of myself and so amazed and thankful that [we] had such a great birth with no exposure to medical care and its risks…” Serena from Carbondale, IL


“Your calm, matter-of-fact way of going about your duties was appreciated….  You knew what you were doing and during labor I could relax in my mind because of that.  You were always very informative of any questions we had, we appreciated the concern you showed for mom and baby’s well-being and the way you’re immediately ready to help [when needed].”  M. from Ewing, IL


“Thank you for all the help and support you gave in my problems with breastfeeding.  It was worth keeping on–now at almost 6 months old, I’m still breastfeeding K!  We very much appreciated your service!”  Michelle in Ewing, IL


“You help the woman to make her own informed choices.  You offer more than a working relationship, I feel like I’ve gained a friend…you are very attentive and consider the needs and feelings of everyone involved”  Kristine in Troy, IL


Thank you for the instrumental role you played in guiding us in the early days of our new journey of health.  E’s pregnancy and birth have opened the door for me to confront issues with my own health that have plagued me for decades but were never recognized.  I believe it was because of your careful attention to our health, your gentle way of challenging me, and the information and resources you provided that we have come to where we are now….you truly have a gift and I am so thankful that you shared it with us.”  Laurie from Belleville, IL


“Just want to tell you again how blessed I was this whole last pregnancy to have such a dear friend and partner to see me through!  I had the pregnancy and birth I’d only dreamed of before, and have you to thank for that!”  Nicole from Centralia, IL


Thanks so much for being at the hospital with us!  You brought peace in to the delivery room and really helped me get through a very long and difficult labor.  Your soothing voice and gentle hands were a real blessing….You stepped into our birth story with grace and sensitivity, and we appreciate your running interference and pressing our position with the staff, which created a peaceful continuation of our intimate home-process”  Jen and Jon from St Louis, MO (I was called in to assist their primary midwife with their transfer to hospital from home)


“Michael turned 12 a couple of months back, and we continue to be grateful for the willingness, generosity and courage you manifest in being who you are and in sharing your many gifts with the world.  His gentle birth and bonding continue to play out in the choices we all make and in the tender, close connection we share.”  Suzanne from Carbondale, IL


“Thank you for giving me the best experience of my life!  For giving me successful med-free vbac and for freeing me from my previous c-section trauma.   No scar on my belly-no scar on my mind!   Because of you I feel like a woman now!   You’re born with this talent, its not something you can learn from experience only.”  Yelena from St Louis, MO   [note to self…work harder to help mamas know without a doubt that only a woman can give birth, that all I can do is support, affirm, encourage and bear loving witness to a mama’s own powerful work!  Are you listening, dear Yelena???   It was you, all you–my contribution would be nothing at all, if not for your loving power and your dedicated will to be free and whole.  Thank you so much for your trust, and for so intimately sharing your amazing and beautiful experience of birth and healing!]

“I am so thankful for a midwife who trusts birth, who knew I could do it, even if it was hard. She said the whole thing reminded her of one of her births, how long it was, how much puking I did, (at least 5 times, and once on Brad I think, poor guy!) how it took him forever to come down. She told me all of this while we were in the midst of labor….  It helped get me through the long and hard experience.  …I feel so lucky, so blessed. I have a feeling of wholeness, this experience totally heals the hurt and anger I had after transferring [from home to hospital] with my older son. I feel so powerful, and am in awe of what I did both with my body and my mind.”  Anna from St Louis, MO






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