The Best Thing in the World


There was once a poster with a lovely painting of a breastfeeding mother and baby, and the caption:

“Breastfeeding is the Best Thing In the World”

For me, a mother of 6 who breastfed my babies and toddlers for 17 years total, that statement sums it up.  To women and their partners I only want to say–try it, because there are no greater gifts you can give a child than the multitude of health and joy benefits that will come to your babies and the whole family from breastfeeding.  Learn about it first, round-up some support–in case it’s not quite as easy for you as falling off a log–or just to share the beauty of it.  Whether you choose to breastfeed exclusively until your baby self-weans, plan to nurse and pump both so you can return to work–whether you decide to nurse a long time or a shorter time, with or without supplementing, still–breastfeed your baby.  Try it, with some support, and receive so many gifts reaped from earliest days from your baby’s birth and on into time for all.

Breastfeeding experts and breastfeeding mothers have written countless books and articles about The Wonders of Breastfeeding and How to Do It.  We have breastfeeding videos to watch and support groups to sit with, all toward healthy, happy wonderful breastfeeding.  So here, instead of saying more about it, I’ll just use this page to give book titles, links to helpful websites, and information about breastfeeding services offered–in our region and at large. 

Please feel free to use the comment box below to add your helpful links, books, support groups and service providers.  If you are seeking WomynWise consultation or support for breastfeeding, you may contact me from the About page–and of course, contact other breastfeeding supporters listed here as well.

Links to Great Information and Breastfeeding Support

First, Local Support: To find breastfeeding support in the St Louis MO and metro-East regions, including leader contact information and meeting details of the several chapters available around the area.

Lactation Consultants:

Sweet Pea Breastfeeding Support – your choice for lactation consulting in the St. Louis area. Sweet Pea owner Alyssa Schnell is an internationally board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC, since 2009) and a La Leche League Leader (since 2002). Her mission is to give mothers warm, nurturing breastfeeding support while also providing comprehensive and up-to-date breastfeeding information. Alyssa honors each mother’s values and goals, and hopes each mother leaves the consult with confidence in her inate ability to be a wonderful mother to her baby!

Please contact Sweet Pea Breastfeeding Support at 314-614-2074, or via email .  You may also visit us on the web at

National/International Support:

These links take you to places where you can learn about normal breastfeeding–what to expect, how to do it–as well as providing or linking to information for women having special breastfeeding issues. The website of La Leche League, International.  LLL is the world’s authority on all matters relating to breastfreeding, and is famous for basing its services on ‘mother-to-mother support’ through informal monthly group meetings as well as volunteer leaders available every day to mothers in need of breastfeeding help.  This site links to much information and support for breastfeeding moms. The informational website of an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  “This website was developed to provide evidence-based information on breastfeeding, sleep and parenting.” Many great articles and resources here.  Awesome! Dr Jack Newman is among the foremost authorities on breastfeeding–a valuable resource for parents and professionals.

Breastfeeding and Medications: much info on medications is given on the above sites; the websites below are devoted to the topic. Dr Thomas Hale has extensively researched and written about breastfeeding and medication, including his book for mothers, “A Medication Guide for Breastfeeding Moms” and others written more for professionals.  This is the drugs and lactation database (LACTMED), a subsection of the US National Library of Medicine’s Toxicology Data Network.



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