Freebirth’ –unhindered or spontaneous childbirth, unassisted by any birthing professional: UC 

UC is a choice I’ve made for some of my own births, and have known many other families to safely and joyously practice UC as well.  Freebirthing is a choice that works well for some, though it’s not for everyone–no more than hospital birth is for everyone.  Here you will find links to discussions and information about UC, for your enjoyment and eddification as you make your birthing choices.  A lot of it is useful to any gestating and birthing woman, though of course it’s geared to support UC families. 

Whether you choose to ‘freebirth’ or birth in a hospital, I think there is much to learn from the “UC attitude”–of family empowerment in all birth choices and actions.  Wherever, and with whomever you ultimately give birth, owning the experience actively can serve any family well.  Seeking ‘as unhindered an experience as possible’ in your circumstances, is often safest for mothers and babies in good health–and a joyous, calm birth is possible to create, even in a hospital room with a medical team ready.

Please feel free to contribute links or questions on the Choices page.

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