What’s that saying?  “If you’re not ticked off, then you’re just not paying attention”  Sometimes, ya just gotta vent, you just gotta kick and scream, you just gotta rant. Hehehe…well I do, anyway– bottling it up just causes heart attacks, ulcers, and ‘going postal’, and we sure don’t need any more of that.  Here is the place to rant…I’ll be doing some ranting of my own now and then, and inviting you to do the same.  Let’s stick to a few rules for ranting:  no name calling/character assassination; keep your language ‘rated g’ (cuss like this: *%$&#!!!, if you really must cuss); talk about the facts, and your own opinions and feelings, all you like–just don’t be a bully, or let your ranting get out of hand.  The idea is to release some steam, so as to come to a calmer place where reasoned, positive choices can be made…or just to release some steam!  But let’s choose to avoid creating more steam, in ourselves and others.

A couple of reminders: please do not link to sites created and inhabited by those who stand opposed to homebirth, natural parenting choices or other forms of responsible healthcare decision-making for families.  Please do not use the names of any authors or websites of that sort…just as JK Rowling’s “Lord Voldemort” put a spell upon his name so that any who fearlessly uttered it would be immediately known to him, so does the internet have such ‘magical’ properties of a sort.  I do not want to give Dr Nutcase any ‘hits’ to her site, or links to this one, by mentioning her name here!   (Oops, that is name-calling, if you know who I mean!)   We don’t all have to agree on every point, and I expect some debate here.  However, I’m not willing to host any kind of nastiness, or unintentionally invite those who try to crush free thinking or abuse others behind the screen of internet anonymity.



January 6, 2011 

[FYI: a ‘troll’ is anyone trolling for places to make trouble on the internet.  And also like the small vicious creatures they are named for, they like to be mean for the sake of being mean–it’s just the basic nature of a troll.  They often consider themselves ‘devil’s advocates’, but IMO they give themselves far too much credit for what is a helpful role, even if uncomfortable to encounter.  Trolls just want to squash real thinking and discourse, to enjoin others via shaming to shut up and just do and believe everything the way the troll thinks it ought to be done and believed.  They do this because they can’t stand to live in a world where their own choices might be challenged by anyone making a different choice successfully–so they do all they can to prevent others from making any different choice.  A real devil’s advocate is not attached to the outcome–they just hope to see all viewpoints brought forward for best results, and a good devil’s advocate respects that people can make up their own minds.  Trolls think they are the only ones with minds at all, seems to me]


First, I’d like to express my deepest, most heartfelt appreciation for the trolls who visit my  humble site, and pass the link on to their friends.   Oh, don’t worry, I’ll get to the ranting part soon, but I first needed to say how much I appreciate your visits here, and the avid way you have linked to this site and discussed what I say!  Because you, dear trolls, have gifted me in a way that few others can–WOW!  I got your attention!  You see me as a real-enough ‘threat to the status quo” to bash me on your own forums, and talk about me to your friends.  Believe me, that is a powerful affirmation that I am saying all the right things…that my thoughts are sufficiently informative and empowering of others to have captured your attention and earned your respect for me as an adversary to your intent to hold others in thrall to your festering resentment parading as…something else altogether. 

I am not being sarcastic here, not at all.  I truly am humbled with appreciation to know you find me important and threatening enough to notice and discuss.  Thank you!

And even in my gratitude I find I’m stumped by that festering resentment that seeps from within your wounded hearts and directs your work to spread the pain and misery.  Well, maybe not so puzzling, considering how much ‘misery loves company’.  I know, I know, it can be so infuriating to see others feel peace, power, satisfaction in themselves when one is feeling wretched; it can be so maddenly inciteful to even greater depths of resentful rage, to see anyone else happy when you are drowning in despair.  Or to watch someone make self-empowered decisions of the sort you yourself are unable to make from your deeply-held belief in your victimhood.  A place where–in spite of your pretenses of being ‘strong’, ‘smarter and hipper than those other suckers’ and so forth– you feel so trampled by life and are so determined that if you can’t make positive, powerful decisions for yourself then nobody should be allowed to.  If you are held in utterly powerless thrall to your social conditioning, paralyzed by fear and unable to see beyond the borders of something like our misguided, greed driven and dangerous medical institution, then everybody has to be in thrall as well.  If you are, then everyone must be just as paralyzed and powerless as you, just as blindly intent upon projecting wrathful pain onto others, just as incapable of seeing anything more in yourselves and lives–just as stuck in using their energy as destructively as you do.

Because Heaven Forbid!  that anyone should enjoy anything that is so powerfully forbidden to you–Heaven Forbid free thinking, personal wisdom, stepping outside of the world of sheeple to get a breath of fresh air and discover what wonders abound for those brave enough to seek it.  Those who look a lot braver and smarter to me than you do, dear trolls who hide behind locked forums–sneaking in and out of better places to spy, and gather fodder for fueling that apparently terror-driven spite which motivates you.  Those brave enough–perhaps only finding that courage following severe trauma and disillusionment in the very institutions you promote as so perfect and god-like–those brave enough to move beyond fear, resentment, grief, into wider spaces where joy, power and love can be found by those with courage enough to seek it. 

So go ahead and do your worst, you trolls–bring it on!  Because the more often you visit here, the more you will affirm that my aim is true, and I am often-enough hitting the mark.  Knowing that you are visiting here…even knowing that you visit in  secret, lacking both the guts and the common courtesy to say hello…oh, it all helps me so much.   Yes my aim is true, my little candle is burning brightly and shining its light truly as I intend, my courage is demonstrated and my intentions more fully affirmed by you.  Little as I understand why anyone would choose misery as a life purpose, and spite as a primary method of communication when life offers so much more pleasing things–well,  I guess this world is big enough for all kinds.  And I ain’t afraid of you, trolls–you make my heart sing and my confidence soar…perhaps even more greatly than those who praise me (though I do enjoy the praise a lot, too!).  That’s because you, as few others are able to, help me see that I am just as dangerous to our insane status quo as I mean to be.  You show me–by being exactly the way you are now–the great value of what I believe, and what I say here.

Trolls, do go on with your wretched selves, be whatever you want to be just as I do, and just as we all do.  While I will hope for the healing of your hearts and your dawning courage to ask for something more of yourselves and lives at last, know how much your very trollishness feeds my confidence and helps me to stay my course.


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  1. womynwise1
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 08:08:06

    Sigh…I still have so much to learn about how this site works!


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